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【Epidemic Prevention Package - An All-round Protection


Probiotics in PGut Probiotics series, such as Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum are proved to improve immunity, effective for prevention of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).


Large amount of good bacteria is directly absorbed in the intestine and form an effective barrier for prevention of virus invasion. 


Precise Detection
Quality Products




We provide you all-rounded: 

✔︎ Health and weight Management 

✔︎ Skin condition management 

✔︎ Intestinal health management 

✔︎ Babies' gut management

Quality Probiotics

✔︎ Patented highly effective bacterial strains

✔︎ Strengthening prebiotics

✔︎ Safeguard production process with safety accreditation


Gut Microbiome Test

✔︎ Big data on microbiome

✔︎ University-research-level test, instrument and technology

✔︎ Accurate assessment of intestinal health

✔︎ Personalized health management: sub-health problems like eczema, allergy, weight and intestinal problems, sleeping and emotional problems

Characteristics of high quality probiotics

✔︎ High quality probiotics can target on different symptoms of diseases. They are more  precise and effective than ordinary probiotics products in order to accommodate different needs of customers.

✔︎ High quality probiotics have been under high-standard cultivation for safe consumption

✔︎ High quality probiotics can directly arrive the intestine without damage by stomach acid

✔︎ High quality probiotics can cooperate many prebiotics (food of probiotics) to strengthen the active effect of probiotics 



Produced by University Research Team

Patented Probiotics Products

PGut Premium

✔︎ Boost immunity
✔︎ Regulating intestinal health
✔︎ Improve mood and emotions



PGut Allergy

✔︎ Prevent rhinitis
✔︎ Prevent Eczema and Allergy recurrence
✔︎ Improve skin dryness and itchiness



PGut SupremeSlim Probiotics

✔︎ Elimination of toxins
✔︎ Reduction of sugar intake
✔︎ Regulating gut health



PGut Kids Allergy Probiotics

✔︎ Regulating immunity of kids
✔︎ Improve ability of anti-allergy of children
✔︎ Improve symptoms of sneezing and runny nose



PGut Baby Probiotics

✔︎ Reduce chance of allergy
✔︎ Boost immunity of babies
✔︎ Regulate health of gut microbiome



Special Characteristics of PGut Series Probiotics