中大研究發現新型肺炎患者缺少部分益生菌致免疫力較低- RTHK

(In Chinese) CUHK study finds that new patients with pneumonia lack some probiotics and cause low immunity

(RTHK, 11 June 2020)


肠道菌群与免疫力- 知乎

(In Chinese) I have apricots: Dean Doctor Zhou Ji (102) Intestinal bacteria and immunity

(Ming Pao News Network, 8 June 2020)

大腦會聽腸道菌的話:寶寶潛能發展,也需從「腸」計議 - Yahoo奇摩新聞

(In Chinese) The brain will listen to the intestinal bacteria: the baby's potential development needs to be considered from the "intestine"

(ETtoday News Cloud, 10 April 2020)